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Rev. Rich Bultje

The River of Life church-plant

Niagara Falls, ON

River of Life - Rev. Richard Bultje

The River of Life church-planting work began in October of 2012.  Yukyung and I had meetings in our home for about 8 months before we starting renting a storefront on Dunn street.  We have been ministering from this place for about 1 and half years now.  We began with outreach meals and visiting places where people came together.  The River of Life has been richly blessed by a number of families and single people from different Reformed churches in the area becoming part of the church plant almost from the start.  We had our first evening outreach service in late 2013 and our first more formal morning worship service in the fall of 2014.  We have been been blessed with many people from the community coming to services and to outreach activities.  A high light of this past year was 3 men expressing their desire to do their public profession of faith and following through this desire by continuing to be faithful in coming to church and a mid week Bible study along with attending a beginners class for a few months.

Contact information:
Street address - 6095 Dunn Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Phone number - 905-348-7424
email address -
web page -
facebook - River of Life Niagara Falls

Sending Church: Wellandport United Reformed Church

Supporting churches:  Jordan URC; Vineland URC,and St. Catharines URC

Challenges:Ministering to the people who are coming and staying mission focussed

Adjusting to the challenges of coming to church not just to receive but to serve and so being pulled out or our comfort zones
Learning to interact and have fellowship with people with very different backgrounds.

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