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Rev. Brian Zegers

Word of Life Ministry

Ajax, ON

Word of Life Ministry:

Our desire is to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ with Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We do this by organizing and hosting a variety of events that create opportunities for Muslims and Christians to get to know one another, develop friendships, and deepen those friendships through continued visits and conversations with one another. This allows us to get to know more about each others' beliefs, appreciate the uniqueness of each others' ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and better understand each other.

The deeper our friendships are, the deeper our conversations about the Gospel and it’s claims will go. And that is our mission: to bring Christians and Muslims together to share the true, life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

Rev. Brian Zegers:
I live on the eastern edge of the Greater Toronto Area in the city of Ajax which is proud to be the most ethnically diverse city in the Durham region.

I can be found leading Christian-Muslim Discussion Evenings, participating in Christian-Muslim Forums, working in the library, or sitting in local coffee shops engaged in conversation with anyone seeking the truth.

If you would like to support this work, please pray that God would work through His Spirit to bring the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hearts of those who we meet with.

Additionally, we are grateful to accept monetary gifts. You can donate online or by writing a cheque payable to Salem URC, designated 'Word of Life Ministry' on the memo line, and mailing it to Salem URC, Box 321, Bowmanville, Ontario,  L1C 3L1. 

Administration and Events:
Pastor Brian Zegers:

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