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Rev. Thabet

Rev. Thabet Megaly serves as an assistant pastor in Trinity URC in St. Catharines and is the director of Pathway of Peace. Previously he served as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in Egypt.

St. Catharines, Ontario

What is Pathway of Peace?

“Pathway of Peace” is a Christian ministry that equips the church and God’s people to reach out to its neighbours through education, training and hands-on experience. Its two-fold mission is:

1. To lead Muslims to Christ by equipping Christians to carry out the Great Commission.
2. To educate church members about the reality of Islam and its belief system.

What else does Pathway of Peace do?

We organize trained groups of Christians to meet with those willing to hear the Gospel. Connections are made, Muslims homes are visited, and where opportunities are given, the Gospel is presented, contrasting Christianity to the Muslim faith, or, if in other homes, in contrast to secularism. 

TELEVISION OUTREACH: We broadcast a weekly one hour television program in Arabic that compares the teachings of Islam with that of the Bible. It is a way of bringing the Gospel message to the Arabic communities around the world. The broadcast is most live, which allows for audience participation through a call in program. The show is called and it is broadcast through a station in California.

In 2018 we plan to begin an English speaking version of the program that will be broadcast through California as well, and will involved area Reformed ministers along with Pastor Megaly.

Fellowship Cafe continues each Friday evening at Trinity URC in St. Catharines. It begins at 7:30 pm and anyone is welcome to attend. The format includes casual conversation along with refreshments and snacks. A topic is usually introduced at some point during the evening to allow for a more focused discussion. This segment closes with prayer. The evening wraps up around 9 pm. Visitors have included refugees to St. Catharines, along with participants from other area churches.

Those interested in learning about Islam and ways for Christians to share the Gospel with our neighbours are welcome to ask Pastor
Thabet Megaly to come to your church, to speak at a congregational meeting, to lead a seminar or to discuss this work of ministry.

Two projects in the works include preparing Catechism teaching for television in Arabic and in English; and recording the training course so that other churches in access this material.

We mark the Christian calendar with a specially made Christmas and Easter card for the community, both secular and Muslim. The cards contain a message in both English and with Arabic for our Islamic neighbours. Copies are available to churches interested in sharing these with their neighbours.

How can this ministry help your church? Pathway of Peace is willing to come to your congregational meeting and lead an informational session. We can provide training to interested members via courses or seminars. Please pray for this ministry. We need your help, both prayerfully and financially. As Muslims join our communities and mosques spring up, and as more refugees settle in North America, we need to be prepared to welcome them with what they really need – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please contact Rev. Megaly at:

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