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Home Missions

The work of home missions (or church planting) in the URCNA occurs primarily at the local level, with congregations and classes engaging in this work across North America. Every one of our classes has its own committee on home missions. Below you can find information about all of our current home missionaries in the URCNA. 

The URCNA also has a Synodical Committee on Home Missions (SCHM) to promote church planting across the federation. The SCHM is composed of eight men who each represent their classis, and it exists to coordinate church planting resources and information among the classes and churches of the federation. 

If you would like more information about home missions in the URCNA, or to be put in contact with your local classical committee, you may contact the SCHM clerk here

Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary

Illinois and Indiana

Redemption Prison Ministry

Alberta, Lacombe

Rev. Andrew Spriensma

Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood

Rev. Austin Reifel

Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Brian Zegers

Ajax, ON

Rev. Caleb Janson

Gig Harbor, WA

Rev. Chris Coleman

Vancouver, Washington

Rev. Collin Welch

Madison, IN

Rev. Mitch Persaud

Scarborough, Ontario

Rev. Nollie Malabuyo

Big Springs, CA

Rev. Rich Bultje

Niagara Falls, ON

Rev. Taylor Kern

Ontario, CA

Rev. Thabet

St. Catharines, Ontario

Rev. Tony Zekveld

Ontario, Toronto

Rev. Yi Wang

Anaheim, CA

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