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Rev. Ernie Langendoen

Comayagua, Honduras

Rev. Ernie Langendoen started at that time to do church planting in the city of Comayagua, a central city in Honduras.

Honduras has been a field with Immanuel United Reformed Church of Jordan since 1994.  Rev. Ernie Langendoen started at that time to do church planting in the city of Comayagua, a central city in Honduras, and located 20 minutes from an American military base, which has the largest airstrip in Central America.  Comayagua had for many centuries been a center for the Roman Catholic church, and even today Roman Catholicism holds a sway over many, and Comayagua has some Catholic traditions not found in other cities of Honduras.  Because of the strong Roman Catholic presence, in 1994 Comayagua was stilled considered a city with a small Evangelical presence.  And because of its location, it was  also considered the city mostly like to grow in population.  As the city has grown it has seen a rapid increase in not traditional Evangelical churches, but rather the brashly modern Apostolic and Prophetic ministries, that preach the prosperity Gospel.

Our Reformed outreach in Comayagua and the surrounding area was done in the early years by door to door evangelism.  Later a program was started on a local radio station, which gave the newly planted church a lot of exposure.  In addition, for a number of years a discussion group was held with a  number of leaders from area churches who had shown an interest in the Reformed faith.  Flyers have been handed out over the years, and Bible studies were also conducted in homes. 

Invitations were received to help teach classes in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, in one of the Christian Reformed Churches that had a small Bible institute.  Later this work was turned over to MINTS, and Rev. José Ramirez continues to visit this church.  A church plant was also started in 2009, but unfortunately internal difficulties caused the group to close doors 8 years later. 
During all these years Rev. Langendoen continued to visit churches in southern Honduras, and still visits one of these churches in the small village of Nueva Union.   These small country churches were  started many years ago by the Christian Reformed Church, and most are still Christian Reformed.  In 2015 a teaching and preaching point was started in the coffee town of Marcala, about 2 hours up the mountains west of Comayagua.  Rev. Langendoen continues to be in touch with this group.

In 2018 Rev. Langendoen accepted an offer to work with seasonal latinamerican migrants in southern Ontario.  This  work is from the beginning of April to the beginning of November.  At the same time he coninues keep in touch with and to visit the churches in Honduras, especially during the winter months.  The works themselves have been turned over in part to local leaders.  Felix Martinez does the teaching and preaching in Comayagua and when he can, in Marcala.  The small church in Nueva Union is led by Antolin Mendoza.

We ask for your prayers, that the Lord may continue to bless the seed that has been sown, and that in the Lord’s time there may be much harvest.  To him be all the glory.

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