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Rev. Matt Van Dyken

Tepic, Mexico

'Iglesia Vida Eterna' (Eternal Life Reformed Church) is a church plant in the city of Tepic, Nayarit.

'Iglesia Vida Eterna' (Eternal Life Reformed Church) is a church plant in the city of Tepic, Nayarit.  Tepic is the capital of the Nayarit, locted in central Mexico, and has over 600,000 inhabitants.  The state of Nayarit had tremendous spriritual need and few faithful Biblical churches.  ​

The work was begun by in 1998 by Rev. Harry and Joanne Bout and they were sent out by Messiah's Independent Reformed Church.  Soon after, Rev. Richard Bout and family were called and sent out as a missionaries in 1999.  For 9 years they were involved in church-planting together, and were blessed to see God's faithfulness and a small church form.  Rev. Harry Bout retired since 2007 but returns to help in Tepic for a few months of the year.  Richard and Angela and their family returned to Canada in June of 2014.

Since January 2012, Hope Reformed Church in Brampton called Matthew Van Dyken as a missionary to Tepic, to labour in Iglesia Vida Eterna Tepic.  The Van Dykens have four children, all of them born in Mexico.  In the church, there is presently one local office bearer, an elder, who is a great support in the work.  The church hopes to begin office bearer training soon so that more men can lead.  The church continues to be blessed and has an attendance of 80-90 people on Sundays.

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